Aaaand I’m back! Kicking off the week with a little zebra finch griffin, in honor of my research species and my school’s very very new mascot.

I knew I would be busy but I still think I underestimated!!!

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Arnar wearing a crown on his head during their performance at Webster Hall in NYC!

Photo by:Andy Beam

just came back home after three nights out camping near/at the beach and saying i’m exhausted is nothing


let’s be clear if you reblog my selfie i’m gonna have to ask you to marry me

i’m looking at you madforcookies 

Tell me when and where and I’ll be there


We are gathered here today because SOMEBODY *glares at coffin* couldn’t stay alive.


that’s the whole movie


Hello here’s an ugly selfie to celebrate the fact that I bought a laptop and have moved in and am going to study musical theatre and am happy and can’t pose properly 

For me, one of the biggest draws of the Internet has always been how I can be alone and yet find connection with other people. I am an introvert. I can fake extroversion, but it is exhausting. I prefer quiet, even when I am happily around other people. I spend an inordinate amount of time in my head. Online, I can be in my head and with interesting people. I can be alone but feel less lonely.
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men love “fat asses” and big titties but act like those things commonly exist naturally on thin women and they “don’t count” when accompanied by a jiggly belly and thick thighs
lol ok

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i don’t even need to know the context of this drawing




Hi I’m Hannah first things first I love your books! I have read each multiple times and can’t wait for TDA but my initial question is do you and Cassandra Jean know when you are going to put the tarot cards up for sale? Thanks! — smithhann

Hi Cassandra! First, I love your books … But my question is related tarot cards of shadowhunters. I wonder: if you want to sell them? If yes, when? Thank you! — giuliaherondaleangel

We’re putting them out through Topataco, they do merchandise for Homestuck and Welcome to Night Vale. Things this complicated take a while to print, but we’ve approved finishes, etc. and we’re hoping to have the cards up for sale before Christmas. In the meantime, have a Cassandra Jean Gabriel Lightwood flower card, because he looks foxy!

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If I can’t see it, it’s not there

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an unexpected journey:


the desolation of smaug:


the battle of five armies:


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